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Want us to find ideal candidates for your roles? Want notification of the best candidates the moment they hit the market? Register now and make it happen.
A dream job for each and every Candidate is what we aspire to, and we leave no stone unturned to try to make that dream a reality. Register now and make it happen.
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8 Mar 2021

Fill your vacancies

Hi-Tech Selection is a Specialist Recruiter to the IT, Telecommunications and Electronics Industries.

Want us to find ideal candidates for your roles?  Want notification of the best candidates the moment they hit the market?

With nearly 100,000 registered candidates and awesome search and networking capabilities, there’s pretty much nobody out there who we can’t get to first.

What we’re about:

  • Refreshingly personal: We’re into monogamy.  You’ll deal with your own faithful long-term consultant rather than a string of suitors.  That way we can get to know your preferences inside out.
  • Tailor-made service: Here’s the deal. You tell us your needs, and we’ll make sure you’re only introduced to candidates who fit the bill - on a professional and personal level.  We don’t bombard, and we don’t expect you to do our job for us.
  • Ethical: HTS is the vanguard of the Ethical Recruitment Movement*.  Heck, we coined the term.  We make our candidates love us by pre-qualifying all opportunities with them, and keeping them fully in the loop.
  • Effective: Nearly 100,000 candidates.  Ahead-of-the-game search/networking capabilities.  Bloodhound tenacity.  And the most easy-to-work-with agency you’ll ever email.

One last word from a satisfied client:

‘Working with HTS for over 10 years now has been a pleasure, they have consistently supplied us with the staff we need through a thorough understanding of our business and the type of people and skills we are looking for. They will remain a key part of our recruitment strategy and the first people we will pick up to phone to when we identify a need’

To find out how we can make a positive difference to your business, contact us now:

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System Consultant, To Ł25,000,  West Midlands
Account Manager- Cloud
NAV Lead / Consultant, Midlands
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